Applying for your National Provider Identifier Number

Applying for your National Provider Identifier Number

Regardless of whether you’re simply starting your physical therapy profession or are a prepared veteran, having your NPI number ought to be a need.

This 10-digit identifier is the numbers that must be utilized on declare structures submitted to payers by individual and association medical care suppliers who meet a wide meaning of a “covered entity ” below the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. Similarly a NPI is needed for all suppliers selected Medicare. The NPI replaces any heritage or charging numbers for all medical insurance plans, both public and private.

Applying for your National Provider Identifier Number

Who Can Get an NPI Number?

All medical care providers who are HIPAA- covered elements whether individuals or associations, everyone must get a NPI. A “covered entity” is characterized as a medical services supplier that communicates any health data in electronic structure, for example, presenting a case. This incorporates:

  • Health care providers that direct certain exchanges in electronic form.
  • A health care clearinghouse.
  • A health plan (including business plans, Medicare, and Medicaid).

If you electronically send health data regarding a HIPAA standard transaction, you are viewed as a “covered entity” if you use a business partner to do as such. There are two classifications of health care providers for NPI purposes: Individual, Organization.

Applying for NPI

You may apply for a NPI number through CMS’ online application process, a document trade system, or ordinary mail. Applying for an identifier is a free, easy, 20-to 30-minute method that will spare medical care suppliers time and headaches later on. You can apply on the web, via mail, or through an assigned CMS contractual worker. To apply on the web, visit the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) site, follow the guidelines carefully, complete the poll, and submit your application. The website contains as often as possible questions and other supportive data. After affirmation of your information’s receipt, you will get your NPI through email. The online application is suggested, in light of the fact that it is commonly faster and simpler to follow the status.

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